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Why Invest With Us


Diversify and grow with us. Our strategies offer global exposures across asset classes, with a focus on outperforming traditional funds through higher risk-adjusted returns. Our funds can also be added to your existing portfolio to enhance performance.

Actively Managed

Take advantage of a dynamic approach to investing in some of our funds. Aided by our algos, we constantly monitor market signals, and implement risk management by moving you to safer investments during volatile periods.

Alignment of Interests

You come first. At Cross Light Capital, we're invested in your success. That's why our partners are personally invested alongside you and our fees are based on your investment performance.

Track Record

Our CIO boasts a 10+ year fully audited track record managing absolute return mandates with global experience in London and Singapore. Cross Light Capital is licensed and regulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia.

Meet our Alternative Investment Solutions

Overwhelmed by the complexity of investing?

Our solution is designed to be hassle-free, so you can focus on what truly matters to you, without the need to constantly monitor markets. We apply dynamic asset allocation and proactively manage risk allowing us to quickly respond to any changes in financial markets.

Unsure about which funds to buy?

Our flagship strategy, modeled on the "Super Endowments" of Harvard and Yale aims to deliver solid returns by investing across a large range of global asset classes for better diversification. We will select the investments, so you don't need to. Invest, and let us take care of the rest.

Bringing alternative assets to you.

Discover a new frontier in differentiated investment opportunities. Through our funds, gain exposure to non-traditional asset classes such as digital assets, private debt, carbon credits, and more.

Investment Approach

Systematic Process

We embrace technology. Our algos are continuously monitoring the market to ensure the most dynamic and optimal asset allocations for you. Our processes are designed to cut out the noise and reduce emotional biases.

Risk Management

We understand the pain of losing money and strive to reduce drawdowns. Our track record of outperformance in falling markets demonstrates our commitment to risk management. Rest assured that your portfolio is in safe hands.

Discretionary Trading

Our investment team is attuned with time-tested investing principles. Incorporating top ideas and thematic trades in the portfolio allows us to capitalize on opportunities in the markets.

Quantitative Modeling

We have developed systematic models from insights derived from statistical research and cutting edge ML/AI techniques. We don't rely on a single "miracle algorithm", but on a robust and diversified approach to maximize returns.

What We Offer

Invest in our flagship strategy based on three different risk profiles. Our wholesale funds have oversight from an independent trustee and benefit from annual external audits.

For larger investors, we also offer private mandates tailored to your investment needs.


About Us

Cross Light Capital relies on great people. We strive to build an extraordinary team by hiring and retaining the best and brightest, diverse professionals.

This commitment allows us to share in our success together and achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Our Partners

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