Our solution is designed to be hassle-free, so you can focus on what truly matters to you, without the need to constantly monitor markets. Our team of experienced investment professions will take care of everything, providing you with a fully managed, active investment approach that maximizes your returns and minimizes your risk.

Our strategies offer global exposures across asset classes, with a focus on outperforming traditional funds through higher risk-adjusted returns. Designed to deliver lower correlation to stock markets, our investment solutions can be added to your existing portfolio to improve overall risk reward and to ensure your investments are working harder for you.

Our Funds

Our flagship strategy comes in three flavors, catering for different risk profiles. The investment strategy and pro-rata allocations remain the same. The difference between them are the amount of leverage used.

Performa Core Growth and Income Fund

7.5% Annualized Volatility Guide

Suitable For:
Investors with a low risk tolerance, shorter-term investment horizon and those who may need stability in their portfolio.

Performa Balanced Cross Asset Fund

15% Annualized Volatility Guide
(Typical Equity Index)

Suitable For:
Investors with a moderate to high risk tolerance and appetite. Can be used to further diversify an already balanced portfolio.

Cross Asset Strategic Alpha Fund

30% Annualized Volatility Guide

Suitable For:
Investors with a very high risk tolerance and appetite, comfortable with large fluctuations in investment value, and have a very long or infinite investment time horizon.

Please note that the volatility figures are only indicative guidelines, backward looking, and are the average we expect over a cycle. There is the risk of loss as well as the opportunity for gain when investing in our funds. It is recommended to discuss your investment goals, risk tolerance, and personal financial situation with a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Key Features


We invest globally across all asset classes. A diversified portfolio can help mitigate the impact of market volatility, leading to smoother returns over time. As a Malaysian based investor with internationally linked spending requirements, it makes sense to have some investments abroad.

Not Benchmark Constrained

We have the ability to go short and to use leverage when prudent. As we are not benchmark constrained, this allows us to potentially profit in falling markets. These tools provide greater flexibility in navigating changing market conditions, and can be beneficial for performance-oriented investors.


Dynamic Asset Allocation

Our use of technology and low-cost brokerage fees allows us to adopt a dynamic daily rebalancing approach that seeks to take advantage of market opportunities, reduce exposure to underperforming assets, and manage overall portfolio risk.

Low Correlations

Investments that have low correlations are less likely to move in the same direction, thus reducing the risk of large losses on a portfolio level. This diversification helps to smooth out returns, which can lead to more consistent and stable returns over time.


A recent paper in academic finance titled “A Century of Asset Allocation Crash Risk” investigated various asset allocation approaches over the past 100 years. Key findings are displayed in the following table. Sharpe Ratio is a measure of risk-adjusted returns (higher better) whilst maximum drawdown is the maximum loss from the peak experienced by investors (less negative better) over the period.


The 60/40 is a standard benchmark that allocates 60% of the portfolio to stocks, and 40% to bonds.

We note that (going from left to right):

  • Going from US 60/40 to Global 60/40 helps lessen the maximum drawdown.
  • Diversified adds on factors, REITs and commodities and has a better Sharpe than the US 60/40 portfolio. 
  • Endowment adds on venture capital, private equity and hedge funds. This improves Sharpe significantly.
  • Dynamic switches between stocks and bonds based on past returns, and also leverages and deleverages the portfolio according to volatility. This achieves good Sharpes whilst significantly reducing the maximum drawdown.
  • Exposure to factor premia (e.g. growth, value, size, quality, etc.) has also shown to add value both in terms of Sharpe and the maximum drawdown.

Our strategy attempts to incorporate all these winning elements as we invest globally across asset classes, including exposure to Private Equity using liquid replication techniques and Hedge Funds by implementing the strategies ourselves. Within equities, we have exposure to various factor risk premia. We also allocate a small section of the portfolio to emerging asset classes such as carbon credits and digital assets. Finally, we dynamically rebalance our strategies daily, and employ disciplined risk management during volatile market conditions.

However, we do note that past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Bespoke Solutions

Private Mandates

For larger investors, we are able to offer fully customized solutions. Please contact us to find out more.

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